Permanent exhibits

The Prehistoric Wing is dedicated to finds from the Hula Valley prehistoric sites. The Museum is home to a unique collection of artefacts documenting all primary prehistoric periods. It begins with the earliest evidence for human presence in the region, nearly one million years ago at the site of Gesher Benot Ya’aqov, continuing to the end of the prehistoric era with the emergence of the first cities of the Bronze Age.

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The ethnographic collection contains tools collected from present-day traditional societies throughout the world, many of which were used until recently. Techniques of traditional crafts maintained through the ages illuminate the technology, economy, and ways of life of prehistoric societies.

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The Prehistoric Man Museum in Ma’ayan Baruch is the life work of Amnon Assaf, a member of the Ma’ayan Baruch kibbutz. Amnon Assaf, as befits his name, (Assaf meaning ‘he who collected’), has gathered tens of thousands of archaeological items for over sixty years. During this time, he founded the Museum, and until the age of 85 maintained and developed it by himself.

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