Prehistoric Man Museum - Permanent exhibits

The Hula Valley  is the northern tribute of the Dead Sea Rift Valley, part of the Great African Rift Valley. The rift was created as a result of Millions of years of active contact between the Arabian Plate and the Sinai Plate, which is part of the African Plate. The plates are moving one against the other creating a series of deep valleys in the crest of the earth. Many of these valleys are then filled with lakes. The Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee are below sea level today, The Hula Valley is at an elevation of ca. 70 meters above sea level today.

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The ethnographic collection contains contemporary tools which are still used by tribes and people throughout the world to this day. The prehistoric artefacts, together with the ethnographic collection create a complete picture of the ancient world, thus enabling visitors to experience a tangible introduction to the lifestyle of prehistoric man.

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The Prehistoric Man Museum in Ma’ayan Baruch is the life work of Amnon Assaf, a member of the Ma’ayan Baruch kibbutz. Amnon Assaf, as befits his name, (Assaf meaning ‘he who collected’), has gathered tens of thousands of archaeological items for over sixty years. During this time, he founded the Museum, and until the age of 85 maintained and developed it by himself.

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