Friday 28, Feb.:Ancient fire-starting methods and flint knapping workshops

The Upper Galilee Museum of Prehistory hosts unique expert workshops of traditional crafts, that illuminate the prehistoric natural way of living.

The workshops are led by Micha Hanona, an expert in ancient crafts and the founder of “Bney Adama“.

The current workshops are for adults:

08:00-10:30   Ancient fire-starting techniques.

11:00-15:30  flint knapping.

Pre-registration is required.

To register, leave details on this page

תאריך: Friday 28, Feb.

שעות: 08:00-10:30 Ancient fire-starting 11:00-15:30 flint knapping

מיקום: In the museum and the yard

מחיר: 150 NIS for one workshop, 270 NIS for both workshops ש"ח


לפרטים: 04-6954628.  |

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